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February 7, 2023 | Out of Stage 2 Into Stage 1 Water Shortage

Dear MCCSD Customers, Friends, and Neighbors:

California has been in a mega-drought for the much of the past three years. Current rainfall levels and depth to water measurements are showing signs of improvement. It is still early in the water year. Following the MCCSD Water Shortage Contingency Plan, the MCCSD Board voted on Monday 2-7-23 to resend the Stage 2 Water Shortage Condition and declare a Stage 1 Water Shortage Condition within District boundaries.

The residents of the District are asked to voluntarily reduce their water use by 10% from normal use. Not a further reduction from previous restrictions. For example, if a property owner normally extracts 200 gal/day from their well, they are requested to reduce their water use to 180 gal/day.

Groundwater is the primary water supply for the Town of Mendocino. Individual wells are used to supply both commercial and domestic water usage. There are approximately 420 wells that extract groundwater from the Mendocino Headlands Aquifer. Many of these wells have very low yields, and a number of them run dry in the late fall months, especially in drier than normal years.

Let’s do our best to continue to conserve water, increase water storage while the rain is falling, continue to think about our neighbors, and hope for more rain.

Please contact the District office if you have any questions about the current water shortage.

Ryan Rhoades
District Superintendent

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