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Undated | MCCSD COVID-19 Customer Notice:

In May of 2020 MCCSD placed a moratorium on assessing any late fees for late or non-payment of MCCSD bills. Initially it was supposed to last until September of 2020, but was extended multiple times in order to help customers with the financial uncertainty. To date, MCCSD has not assessed any late fees. Please note, failure to pay all or part of your bill, has been a deferral of payments due; it has not been a forgiveness of fees owed.
With the world thankfully reopening, the office of MCCSD has decided to reinstate the assessment of late fees as of July 1, 2022; please try to get your account current prior to that. We would like to work with everyone whose accounts are past due, so please contact the office.

Ryan Rhoades,
District Superintendent

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